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Profile of Hiroshi Takasaki

     He was born on February 4, 1931.   He used to be the representative of  
the coastal access right movement promotion whole country liaison conference. 
When  he was 23 years old,he entered Kyoto University Premedical Course but
hestudied philosophy.  Later, he graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University
Theological school.
     After leaving the graduate cours in 1965, he took his post as the 
pastor of a Christian Church in Takasago city, Hyogo Pref, his ancestor's 
     In those days Kanegafuchi Chemical Industry Takasago factory manufactured 
PCB and Mitsubishi Paper Mill produced non-carbon paper by using it. 
Consequently The Inland Sea was contaminated and beautiful beaches were lost.  
He saw it and felt he had to work out the environmental problems.   So he 
resigned from the church in 1969 .   He became a leader of the whole country 
movement that tried to defend the sea.  He advocated a word  " coastal access  
     He wrote the Coastal Access Right Declaration that begins with the 
words‘Beach belongs to all people.’  And he obtained the sympathy and  
support from the whole country.   "Whatever kind of thought a human being may 
have, he can't  live if he ignores the nature, " he said, and walked in the 
forefront of the Coastal Access Right Movement that integrated anti-pollution 
movements and nature-protection movements.     
(By Hisashi Maruyama "ASAHI WHO'S WHO DICTIONARY " , 1990 , the Asahi
 Newspaper Publishing Company) 

After that, He ruined his health by struggling against PCB incineration 
and he went to Australia with his wife Yoko.   He engaged in teaching Japanese 
at the University of Western Australia.   Every Sunday they went to a small 
quiet church,  Roleystone Congregational(now=Community) Church,  in the forest 
of eucalyptus trees.   Those peaceful days of one and half year eased his mind
and prepared a new situation to his life.   After homecoming they belong to 
Japan Uniting Christian Church, Sone Church and Hiroshi was inaugurated as 
Paster of it, and in March, 2003, he resigned it.  Hiroshi has been working 
since  April 2004 as a   minister of a small church, Kakogawa Higashi Church. 
  Knowing that the pastor of Roleystone Congregational Church(Now of another 
church),  Rev. Tim Atkinson built a homepage,  he made up his mind that he would 
also preach Gospel by means of his own homepage.  In March,2003 Hiroshi Takasaki
retired from the position.  
kakogawahigashi church
Kakogawa Higashi Church Roleystone Community Church a Church of Christ (in Western Australia) Rev. Tim Atkinson more pictures Yoko & Hiroshi's Album in Australia
My Basic Thought Present
I think that not only Christianity, but also many other religions in the world had their own simple,universal, primitive religious experience before developing their dogmas. For example, Christianity has some primitive religious experiences behind so-called KERUGMA, the trace of which we need to find out remaining in the Bible. The primitive experience has something in common with the near-death experience or such revelation experiences as Swedenborg had . And there is the hope of eternal life here, I think. Although the Christian gospel and forgiveness of the sin by Jesus Christ is indispensable for myself, I think that we should also respect even other religions.
This season's Message Blessed are the eyes which see the things that ye see (Under Translation) Back Number (1) He Who Dwells in the Light Back Number (2) The Gospel to the Departed Back Number (3) The Inescapable Inferno Back Number (4) The friend who may receive you into an everlasting home Back Number (5) The language spoken in Heaven is international. Back Number (6) Better to go to the house of mourning Than to go to the house of feasting to the top of this page

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